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Anytime we have problems with our car and the engine warning light appears on the dashboard, most of us panic at the thought of an expensive engine repair. Most people don't know a reliable mechanic and envision being overcharged or charged for work that wasn't required. We may be lucky and find a friend, relative or coworker who knows a reputable mechanic, however, there is still help for those who don't. Auto Repair Hub is a directory of reputable automobile repair businesses located in your area.

Simply enter your zip code and Auto Repair Hub will display engine repair shops in your geographic area. Click on a listing for more information and call a listed member to discuss their area of expertise, such as engine repair, brake repair or a muffler repair. You can read the reviews written by prior customers or check their website for their address, phone number, days and hours of operation. When you call for an appointment, make it clear if you'd like to receive engine repair or if you want to speak with a mechanic to schedule a diagnosis. Most states have a law that any repair work over a certain amount must receive a written estimate.

An engine repair could be something as simple as replacing a hose clamp that came off, while a major overhaul is very costly. It may be cheaper and faster to buy a gently used engine from a wrecking yard and recycle your broken engine for scrap value. You also have options when considering brake repair as the brake linings are different prices depending on the quality and material they are made from. You will want to make sure they are high quality brake shoes because they are important to the longevity and safety of the automobile.

A muffler repair can be a minor patch or replacing a pipe clamp or catalytic convertor or you may have to replace the muffler. Mufflers come in different designs and are made from different types of metals, which can affect the price. Labor also will vary with muffler design. With the new emission laws, you will want to make sure the one you get is the right one for where you live.

Auto AC repair can be a simple matter of replacing a fuse or it may need to be recharged with refrigerant. Leaks are also common within the system and could result in simple resolution or become a major problem requiring replacement of the compressor assembly. Make sure the repair place you are dealing with is knowledgeable in auto AC repair.

A reputable repair shop can put your mind at ease when you need an engine repair or other major mechanical issue. It is important to listen to the mechanic about what he recommends, but be honest if you need to try to find a cheaper way to fix it. Do not trade reliability to save a few dollars.

To find local engine repair shops providing the highest value for your money, contact a member of the Auto Repair Hub.


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