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Learning The Basics Of Transmission Repair

If your automobile is not shifting properly as you drive down the road, it may mean the transmission is in need of repair. The first step in transmission repair is to take it to someone who can properly diagnose and pinpoint the problem area. After diagnosis, you should be able to discuss your options and receive a cost estimate for the repairs.

How do you find someone you can trust and a business that won't "take you for a ride"? First, start by asking people you know who've had transmission repairs completed in the past and can give some insight into transmission repair shops in your area. Second, check with your regular auto mechanic who does maintenance on your vehicle. Most mechanics don't do serious transmission repairs and will provide a referral to a trusted source. The Better Business Bureau may be another source of referral and research for a transmission repair shop.

Mechanics who repair transmissions usually specialize in transmissions and will be very open about their experience. Whether you have a standard or automatic transmission, repairing a transmission takes a great amount of understanding of the mechanic assembly and interaction with the rest of the drivetrain. Some transmission repair shops specialize in either domestic or foreign car repair because each has their own special nuances. The ability to repair domestic transmissions is made easier by the simple fact domestic parts are easier to get.

Once you have found a couple prospective shops, allow them to provide an estimate for comparison. One may tell you that you just need to make some adjustments while the other may say you need the whole transmission rebuilt. If the two shops are in complete disagreement as to the level of repair, you may then need to find a third shop to confirm the prognosis.

It would take a lot of time to sift through all the possibilities of promising transmission shops to find one you can trust. In order to save time and frustration, there are resources that have done a lot of leg work for you and can provide reviews and recommendations of nearby transmission repair shops who can get you back on the road.

While there may be many such sites out there, most list national chains or franchise shops. One resource not limited to national companies is the Auto Repair Hub. By simply entering your zip code on the Auto Repair Hub websites, one can find a transmission repair shop closest to you. From that point they will narrow it down by the type of repair you need, or think you need. When it comes to transmission repair, you need someone you can trust absolutely, because if your transmission does not work neither do you or your car.


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